Access the UCSF API Portal

The portal is available at https://anypoint.mulesoft.com/apiplatform/ucsf#/portals MyAccess login is required.

Available APIs

  • Building Metadata API - Use this API to get details of a specific building or floor or room based on their id or get the details of all buildings or all floors in a specific building or all rooms in a specific building and floor or usage of a specific room based on the building id, floor id and room id.
  • SIS course enrollment API - Student Information Systems (SIS) Course Enrollment API can be used to get the details of schools, terms, departments, subjects, courses and enrollment data.

Access the API Portal for the most up to date listing.

Benefits of using the UCSF API Portal

Open Up Your Data to UCSF Developers

  • Adding your API to the UCSF API Portal makes it easy for anyone across UCSF to discover your API in the central repository.
  • You will know when someone wants to use your API as you will receive an access request.
  • On receipt of the access request you can determine whether you grant access to your data. You have complete control over API access.
  • Integration Services can create Mule applications to proxy your existing APIs.
  • The portal can be used to provide interactive documentation for your APIs.
  • The portal can be used as a sandbox for testing your API.
  • Daisy chain or orchestrate data with other available APIs.
  • Provide consistency for data consumers.

Complete API Management Solution

  • Accessible to UCSF users through MyAccess Single Sign On.
  • Manage all your APIs using a single platform.
  • Apply runtime policies.
  • Define and enforce SLA tiers for your APIs.
  • Manage API versions.
    • Clients are loosely coupled (reduce interdependencies) to the API implementation.


  • Protect your API’s - Require or restrict certain behaviors with prebuilt policies.
    • Integration Services team can help you build custom policies if needed.
  • Add or remove policies around security, throttling and rate limiting, to protect your resources and usages.
  • Monitor users and traffic.
    • Different options for API authentication based on the level of security needed.


  • Access to data for analytics.
    • Requests by Date.
    • Requests by Location.
    • Requests by Application.
    • Requests by Platform.
  • Integration Services team can build custom charts if needed.


  • The UCSF API Portal is highly reliable and is on MuleSoft Anypoint Platform.
  • The UCSF API Portal is supported by the Integration Services team in ITS.