Members of the Integration Services Team



Victor Galvez
Associate Director, IT-Integrations Team, Reporting Team and QA

Victor has 20 years of experience in healthcare IT and 15 of these years are at UCSF. His experience spans from end user training, system support, integrations, large enterprise application implementations and management. Victor leads a team of highly trained experts who understand the integration landscape at UCSF and beyond and closely work with customers and users to provide sound integration solutions.

Julia Wallace
Manager- Mule and HL7 team

Julia Wallace the Manager for the Integration Services Team at UCSF. She joined UCSF in 2010 having worked at a software and service provider for higher education and at a variety of large academic institutions. She has extensive systems analysis and implementation experience (specializing in research administration systems) and holds a PhD and BSc in Computer Science.

Damon Ruhl
Supervisor/ Integration Services Programmer/Analyst


Damon started with the love of technology at an early age. His inquisitive nature lead to many of his toys being taken apart to see how they work. This lead to many broken toys plus new ones being created out of the remnants of the old ones. He loved making infinite loops and watching his Commodore 64 spiral into death throes. This lead to getting into the guts of games that came with the computer. He found that a simple tweak here and there would create huge advantage for him, adding $1 million to Poker Sam made the game so much easier. Later in life he found that the self-taught skills in the "tech industry" led him to an internship at SCO in Santa Cruz, after which he found full-time employment at Sutter Santa Cruz doing desktop, server, wireless and wired networks, and eventually moved to the Sutter applications group. Another five years later, Damon joined the UCSF IDX team. He was soon shanghaied into the Epic interface implementation team, where he eventually accepted position with the new Integration Services Team.

Rajesh Kamath
Integration Services Programmer/Analyst


Rajesh Kamath is a Programmer/Analyst for the Integration Services Team at UCSF since 2008. Rajesh is certified in Epic Bridges and is a certified Cloverleaf Architect. He specializes in ADT, Orders, Results, Transcription and Provider interfaces. He has done his MBA from UC, Davis and a Bachelor of Computer Engineer from the University of Mumbai. He is also PMP certified. Before joining UCSF, Rajesh worked at Stanford Hospital and Clinics in their applications team supporting their ancillary applications.

Swarnim Ranjitkar
Integration Services Programmer/Analyst


Swarnim Ranjitkar is a Programmer/Analyst who has worked at UCSF since 2010 as a Application Developer. Currently he is working as a Mule Integration Developer. Prior to this, he has been involved with various Java, Salesforce and Mule Integration development at UCSF.  He is a MuleSoft Certified Developer (Integration and API Associate, Integration Professional) and MuleSoft Certified Architect.  He has a Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Bridgeport.

Veeraragavan Gopalakrishnan
Integration Services Programmer/Analyst

"Veera" is much easier to say than saying his full name. He is a Programmer/Analyst for the Integrations Services Team and started as a consultant in October, 2013. He converted to UCSF employee on March 30th, 2015 and is working as a Mule Integration developer. He has around 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry primarily working on application integrations and data analysis/migrations. He is a certified Cloverleaf developer and certified MuleSoft Architect developer. He has Masters in Electronics Engineering from Anna University, India. In his free time he would like to practice Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY), play volleyball, and hike Mission Peak in Fremont.

Arjabi Thapa
Integration Services Business Systems Analyst

Matthew Shapiro
Integration Services Programmer/Analyst


Matthew Shapiro is a Programmer/Analyst who has worked at UCSF since 1998 as a Caché programmer and now an interface analyst. He is a certified Cloverleaf developer, and an Epic-certified Bridges, Radar, and Reporting Workbench analyst. He's currently working with Mulesoft for Campus integration projects as well as the Medical Center.  He has a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Florida, where he also started working in healthcare at Shands Hospital at UF. He doesn't own a TARDIS, but really wishes he did.

Joyce Tanglao
Integration Services Programmer/Analyst

Joyce Tanglao is a Programmer/Analyst for the Integration Services Team and has been with UCSF since October of 2006. She is certified in Epic Bridges. She specializes in EDI 270/271 Real Time Eligibility and HL7 ADT. She is also a certified Echocardiogram Doppler Technician from the Owen Brown Technical School. Prior to joining UCSF she worked for Columbia University Shared Practice Billing Systems Group in NYC for over 10 years as a Senior Account Manager with the last two years as the Assistant Director for IDX BAR/SCHED System Support.

Maria Hohn
Integration Services Programmer/Analyst

Maria Hohn is a Programmer/Analyst for the Integration Services Team at UCSF since 2002. Maria is Cloverleaf Interface Engine Developer, certified in Epic Bridges, and specializes in real time HL7 ADT, Results and Transcription interfaces as well as ftp/sftp batch transfers. She has Master’s in Mathematics from the University of Warsaw and Master’s in Meteorology from University of Utah. She also finished Medical Informatics program at the University of Utah. Prior to joining UCSF, she worked on the Interface Team at Intermountain Health Care in Salt Lake City. She has one of the most powerful minds in the universe.

Devin Church
Systems Integration Engineer

Devin Church is a Programmer/Analyst with Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland and UCSF since 2010. Devin was initially hired by Children's Hospital to develop/convert HL7 interfaces from their old Meditech system to Epic. He was certified in Cloverleaf and Epic Bridges. After the Epic go-live he has been primarily responsible for interface support and development. He converted to UCSf employee in 2021 and  now develops interfaces for both organizations and has begun developing web APIs with Epic's Interconnect and with MuleSoft.

Kevin Racicot
Systems Integration Engineer

Kevin Racicot is a Programmer/Analyst with Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland and has been with the organization since March 2011. Kevin started as the HRIS Analyst in Human Resources before joining the Epic team in May 2012. He is certified in Cloverleaf as well as Epic Bridges. After the Epic go-live in November 2013 he has been primarily responsible for HL7 interface support and development. In September 2019 Kevin became certified in Epic Data Courier and has been serving as the Data Courier Administrator since July 2020.

Hari Nagasamudra

Systems Integration Engineer

Anish Cleatus

Systems Integration Engineer