Integration Platforms and Services Offered

HL7 Interfaces through Cloverleaf

  • A robust integration engine exclusively for Health Level-7 (HL7) messaging in healthcare integration solutions.
  • Current HL7 integrations at UCSF include Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT), scheduling, orders, results, transcriptions, insurance eligibility, charges, medical history, and physician information.
  • New requests require collaboration from multiple teams. To start this process, create a new ticket in ServiceNow and assign it to the IT Project Management Office or email the project coordinator.

Epic Bridges

  • Bridges Enterprise Interfaces is the Epic toolkit for interfacing, or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
  • Used to specify how data that is sent or received over an interface is mapped to data in Epic master files.
  • Includes utilities for monitoring interfaces and managing errors.

Open Epic -

  • Documentation and information about the types of interfaces available through Epic

Epic Data Courier Administration

  • Data Courier (DC) is the Epic tool used to send database records and items within them that define and configure the Epic Electronic Medical Records system.
  • The DC Administrator controls the capability of Application Build Teams to edit specific records and items within each Epic environment. The Admin also trouble shoots any DC problems, and occasionally enables or disables the ability to send records from specific master files.
  • DC Admin assistance is requested through the creation of an Apex Now PRJTASK ticket.

Integration Services through the Mule Platform

  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to handle general integration solutions
    • Connecting applications, data, and devices through both custom and pre-built APIs.
    • Web services which allow for data transformation, orchestration, and reusability.
  • API Manager
    • API management to expose reusable data services and enforce data governance.
  • PaaS – Platform as a Service
    • The Mule ESB and API Manager are available to UCSF developers to build and solve their own integration needs.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (s/FTP)

  • Automated and logged transfers of data from point to point, handled by our Cloverleaf integration engine.
  • For new requests, please open a ticket in ServiceNow/ApexNow and assign the ticket to the interface team or email Integration Services

Accredited Standards Committee X12

  • Used for inter-industry electronic exchange of business transactions (
  • Currently in use at UCSF for real-time eligibility (RTE).

Implementation and Consulting Services

  • The Integration Services team is available to build new integrations from scratch, enhance existing integrations, or provide consulting to help you achieve your integration needs.
  • For questions or assistance, you can email our group distribution list Integration Services