Current Projects

Agilysys/Computrition Integration

  • Create an automated and dynamic mechanism to share information between Agilysys and Computrition.
  • Phase 1 - Import Agilysys sales information into the corresponding Computrition menu by date and menu for a specific meal period.
  • Phase 2 - Import food cost information from Computrition into Agilysys.
  • Phase 1 kicked off in August 2017 and is in the design/build phase.

Community Rev Cycle Interface to Perceptive Content

  • UCSF Clinically Integrated Partners has been working on systems to support the billing process/revenue cycle.  This integration will obtain zipped files (containing csv files of the metadata and multiple image files) and process these to create documents in Perceptive Content (also known as ImageNow).
  • Project kicked off in August 2017, went live in October 2017 and is now in the initial post go-live support phase.

MedHub to Student Information System (SIS)

  • Support the UCSF MedHub Project Team and the Medical Education group within the UCSF School of Medicine in rolling out MedHub UME by facilitating two integrations between MedHub and UCSF’s Student Information System (SIS):
    • Add/drop information for course enrollment for students in Years 3 and 4 of UCSF School of Medicine.
    • Grades information for students in Years 3 and 4 of UCSF School of Medicine.
  • Project kicked off in May 2017 and is in the build phase.

EMPI Provider

  • Implement the Provider Domain component of EMPI/MDM
  • Project kicked off in August 2017 and is in the design phase


  • Multiple projects involving EMPI APIs and Epic APIs


  • Support UCSF’s Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) team in rolling out their HR Customer Relationship Management (CRM), by providing data from UCSF Operational Data Store (ODS) to Salesforce staging tables.
  • Project kicked off in February 2017, the integration went live with a soft go-live in June 2017.  Phase 1 project go-live took place in October 2017.
  • Work for Phase 2 includes additional data from ODS to support Management Action Forms in PeopleConnect, replacement of HR Service Request System (SRS) functionality including use of employee location change web service and building metadata API.
  • Phase 2 is currently in the build/test phase.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • The Integration Services team is working with the SuperAlarm team to support their Mule development work