Mule Platform Integrations Created by Integration Services Team

Table providing a description of each interface and listing out source/destination and key technologies
Interface Description Source Destination Key Technologies
EDS to JMS Publish EDS People Data LDAP JMS (XML format) Mule ActiveMQ Connector
Mule LDAP Connector
Mule SMTP Connector for Email notification
JMS to PeopleSoft People Data Consume JMS People Data for PeopleSoft JMS SOAP Mule ActiveMQ Connector
Mule HTTP Outbound Connector with Unit Success
Mule SMTP Connector for Email notification
JMS to Archibus People Data Consumes data from EDS topic and Post to Archibus Webservice JMS SOAP

Mule ActiveMQ Connector

Mule SMTP Connector for Email notification

ODS Benefit Fields and Roles Fields to Salesforce Provide 5 benefit/role-related fields in ODS to Salesforce's ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Platform to enable Benefits HR, the University Relations group and others to send more targeted e-mails to groups at UCSF ODS Salesforce

Mule Polling with Watermarks
Batch integration with Mule
Mule SMTP Connector for Email notification

Archibus Employee Location Publisher Publish Employee location data from Archibus to JMS SOAP JMS


Mule ActiveMQ Connector

Archibus Employee Location consumer Consumes employee location changes from Archibus and creates the flat file for Campus Locator Services (CLS) JMS Flat File Mule ActiveMQ Connector
Building Metadata API Proxy Archibus SOAP web services to expose building metadata information SOAP REST API Webservice Consumer
SIS Course Enrollment API Proxy SIS REST web services to expose schools, terms, departments, subjects, courses and enrollment data REST REST API Webservice Consumer
ServiceNow API API to receive several parameters to call into the ServiceNow API in order to create a new INCIDENT ticket in ServiceNow REST REST API Webservice Consumer
StateServ Interface that accepts HL7 ADT message from Cloverleaf and sends it through webservice call to StateServ (DME). Cloverleaf StateServ DME  
Ilios to E*Value Use Ilios APIs and E*Value APIs to create course and lecturer evaluations in E*Value for courses with Ilios session type Lecture Ilios E*Value API
CCES Use CCES APIs and SIS APIs for PII, enrollment and grades interfaces for Cross-Campus Enrollment System CCES Hub/SIS SIS/CCES Hub API